Important information for recognized refugees, protected persons, and permanent residents of Canada

Important information for recognized refugees, protected persons, and permanent residents of Canada
By Me Mitchell Goldberg
October 2018

The information provided is not intended to be legal advice. Please book a consultation if you want legal advice that applies to your situation.

If you are a recognized refugee or protected person, please note the following conditions and/or restrictions:

• You may not travel to your country of origin until you become a citizen of Canada.
• Do not apply for a passport from your country of origin, unless Citizenship and Immigration Canada obliges you to do so. In that case, make sure that you obtain a written request and retain this for future reference.
• If you have a current and valid passport from your country of origin, do not use this for travel as you could be considered to have availed yourself of your country’s protection. RATHER, you can apply for a Canadian travel document for all travel outside Canada, except your country of origin or citizenship.
• Any of the above could be a reason for the Canadian Border Services Agency to initiate a hearing into cancelling your refugee or protected person status.

If you are a permanent resident of Canada, please note the following obligations and information:

• You must physically reside in Canada for at least two (2) in the previous five (5) year period. Less than that could result in you losing your permanent resident status. Some exceptions apply.
• If you travel outside of Canada, you must have a valid Permanent Resident Card. Make sure that your PR card will be valid for the length of your stay outside Canada; otherwise, you could be refused re-entry to Canada.
• Keep a file with records to prove that you are physically residing in Canada. Proof includes the following (this is not an exhaustive list):
o Credit card transactions
o Banking transactions
o Proof of employment
o Income tax declarations and Notices of Assessment
o Residential leases
o Car rental leases
o Telephone records
o Utility bills
o Mortgage and municipal taxes
o Doctor and Dentist appointments
o School registration and records
o Copies of your itinerary (Plane tickets), and passport stamps for all trips outside Canada.

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