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Group of Independent Lawyers
Barristers and Solicitors
1980 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 900
Montreal, Quebec H3H 1E8

Please call or email us to book a consultation regarding your immigration matters.

Mitchell Goldberg, B.A., LL.B.
Telephone: +1 514-844-7528
Fax: +1 514-807-4302

David Berger, B.A., B.C.L.
Telephone: +1 514-284-1157
Fax: +1 514-221-3299

Why should I book a consultation?

The Canadian and provincial government websites provide a lot of information about immigration but not necessarily much guidance. The sites do not tailor information to your specific situation or explain which option would work best for you. In a consultation, we will give you the advice you need to make an informed decision before you apply.

In a fixed fee consultation we will:

  • Take the time needed to thoroughly review your situation
  • Ask questions about your background and objectives
  • Explain all of your options

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